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Kate is a Senior Lecturer in Language Development for Science and Engineering in the Academic Development Programme in CHED. She has academic qualifications in English, pure mathematics, teaching and mathematics education research. During her ten-year career in ADP her research and teaching interests have converged at the intersection of language, mathematics and the learning of disciplinary knowledge in science and engineering.  This work has a particular focus on equity issues related to access, achievement, identity and power in the higher education context. She currently works with undergraduate and postgraduate students, tutors and staff in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment.  

Kate was awarded her PhD in Mathematics Education by the University of the Witwatersrand in 2011. Her doctoral and postdoctoral research draws on theory and methods from both critical linguistics and mathematics education for multi-level, critical analyses of student transition to and through quantitative practices at university. 



Le Roux, K., & Adler, J. (2016). A critical discourse analysis of practical problems in a foundation mathematics course at a South African university. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 91, 227-246.

Published conference proceedings

Andersson, A., & le Roux, K. (2015). Researchers and researched as Other within the socio-p/Political turn. In B. Greer, & S Mukhopadhyay (Eds.), Proceedings of the Eighth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference (Vol.2, pp.255-269). Portland Oregon: MES8.