New book supports newcomers

20 Apr 2011 - 17:00

New book supports newcomers

A revised learning guide with tips for new students was launched at UCT recently.

The third edition of Studying at University: A guide for first-year students, is geared towards humanities students, but is a valuable resource to arm freshers with general skills required to cope with their studies and academic assignments.

The guide contains guidance on healthy learning habits, learning strategies, making the most of lecturers and other learning opportunities, as well as detailed advice on academic reading and written tasks. It also provides specific information on resources for UCT students, and features key ideas in Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

The guide, downloadable free, was revised by Catherine Hutchings, language development lecturer in the Academic Development Programme, and illustrated by Stacey Stent, graphic designer at the Centre for Educational Technology.

Explaining the importance of the revised version, Hutchings noted that the guide was written in 1994 - years before people had cell phones or laptops.

\"Staff had Pegasus mail, but were unlikely to communicate with students via email or online. The library still had Boris that is now regarded as a dinosaur system.\"

Hard copies of the book can be purchased for R45 from the Centre for Higher Education Development's reception desk in the Hlanganani Building.