Is academic writing risky?
Thu, 22 May 2014 - 11:00

At a book launch held at the Research Office, a new book on academic writing was launched recently. Edited by Lucia Thesen and Linda Cooper of CHED, the book 'Risk in academic writing: Postgraduate teachers, their students and the making of knowledge' was the result of almost five years of endeavour.

UCT wins multilingualism awards
Mon, 04 Apr 2011 - 17:00

There's good reason UCT's submission for the 2010/2011 Multilingualism Awards of the Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) ran into a few hundred pages; there was a lot of ground to cover.

But the effort paid off. In March, UCT was named the winner in the education category of the PanSALB Awards, a category that looks at the use and promotion of multilingualism in institutions of learning, including policies and tuition material.

Three teaching collaborations get the nod from CHED
Mon, 29 Mar 2010 - 17:00

Teaming up to train the next generation of entrepreneurs, to polish medical students' bedside manners and to pass on must-has academic skills to first years has earned three groups the Centre for Higher Education Development's (CHED) 2009 clutch of Collaborative Education-Practice Awards.

We take a peek at how these allies pooled their networks, resources and wits to make teaching and learning at UCT that much better.

Calls for nomination
Fri, 13 Mar 2009 - 16:50
The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED) is calling on UCT students and staff to nominate a secondary-school teacher who in their opinion deserves recognition for years of dedicated teaching to students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.
Teacher's dedication honoured
Mon, 08 Sep 2008 - 16:48

December Mpapane, winner of the 2008 Stella Clark Teacher's Award, eats, sleeps and breathes teaching.

"For me, every day of the week is a school day," he declared in his acceptance speech at UCT on 18 August.

Passion for learning
Mon, 04 Jun 2007 - 16:47

Passion, inspiration, commitment and reward are some of Dulan Simons' favourite things about his former high school mentor, Phaldie Tregonning, winner of this year's Stella Clark Teachers' Award.

And it's clear the Rocklands Secondary School teacher likes seeing his pupils going places. For example, Simons, who nominated Tregonning for the award, is now a second-year chemical engineering student at UCT.

Speaking many languages
Mon, 07 May 2007 - 16:44

Language issues have dominated the political landscape since 1994 and universities all over South Africa are grappling with the complexities of multilingualism in their constituencies.

At UCT, important successes have been made following the implementation of the Language Plan, approved by Senate and Council in 2004.

Once, twice, thrice capped
Mon, 11 Dec 2006 - 16:42

Putting three children through university over 15 years is a long haul - especially when you work close to the coalface. Capping them all is just reward.

Dr Moragh Paxton, of the Language Development Group in the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED), will cap her daughter, Juliet, on December 11, one of 183 MBChB graduands.

English in the Xhosa classroom
Sun, 18 Jun 2006 - 14:12
WHILE her study may seem to have a distinctly local flavour, the PhD findings of language development lecturer Rochelle Kapp on the attitudes of Xhosa speakers in township schools towards English has proven to have some international mileage, and has made its way into an applied linguistics programme in the United States.
A lifeline to learners
Wed, 24 May 2006 - 16:36

When UCT people talked to and about Sibusiso Maseko last week, just as they presented him with the university's inaugural Stella Clark Teachers' Award, the word inspiration came up a lot.

For good reason. Maseko is a physical science and maths teacher (now acting principal) at Zwelibanzi High School in the Umlazi township south of Durban. From here, he has over the past years - with no lab or nifty equipment - turned around the marks and lives of science learners across the province.

New teachers award rewards excellence
Wed, 24 May 2006 - 16:34
Good teachers are worth their weight in gold. Who doesn't remember being inspired by at least one school teacher? Perhaps it was the lanky history teacher who used the simple resource of a daily newspaper to demonstrate and discuss history-in-the-making, bringing the subject alive. Or the teacher who put in more than her hours required when exams loomed?
Tribute to Stella Clark
Tue, 04 Apr 2006 - 16:32

Stella Clark, senior lecturer in the Language Development Group in the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED), died peacefully on Sunday, March 20 at the Vincent Palotti hospital. An inspiring teacher and mentor, and a decisive and wise colleague, she will be remembered with great warmth by many in the UCT community.